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"Holy mother of all inventions! LOVE THIS THING. Love it! This thing has it all - easy on the back, easy to use, comfy and soft natural jersey knit cotton - throw it in the wash and dry it. Perfect for newborns through preschool. I have Astrid in here for most of the day and she just snoozes and nurses. Seriously, your product ROCKS my world." - Tracy Morrison


"I LOVE IT! It's become my everyday, go-to carrier of choice. So many people ask me about it when I'm out and about with my 18lb, 6-month-old. It's comfortable for hours at a time and is so easy to use. I feel like I get the comfort of a wrap, without all the fuss. So much easier to take on and off when it is time to nurse." - Kendra


"I wear my son in a Baby K'tan and I love it! I have Lupus and it is the only one that does not hurt my body. I have mothers stop me every day and ask me about it and I demonstrate it for them. Thank You so much!" - Charity


"I want to tell you how much I love using my baby k'tan. My 4 month old daughter absolutely loves being in there, and calms down instantly when inside it. Perfect when we are out and she's tired or overstimulated. She will drift off peacefully to sleep within minutes. My husband requested that I get him one too. (we are different sizes) I'm going to pick up another this week. I tell all my friends that they NEED one. Thanks for making such a wonderful carrier. It really has changed my life and improved my relationship with my wonderful daughter." - Judyth Zrobok


"Thank you for such for a great carrier! This is our 9 week old daughter Delaney on a recent 3hr flight to Florida. It was wonderful in the airport and perfect for nursing and sleeping on the airplane! The very best part, I didn’t even have to remove her at security!" - Crystal Herring


"I live in Oklahoma and spent the majority of our Friday evening between storm cellars as multiple tornadoes surrounded us. I kept my baby in the K'tan the whole evening, and he slept soundly against Mama in the midst of chaos. SO thankful for such a great carrier that I don't have to worry about. Nothing to re-tie and no keeping track of loose fabric. It was muggy down in the cellar, but I could have been MUCH more uncomfortable with any other carrier. So thankful for a product that made our scary evening a little easier with such a small baby. The K'tan is my favorite baby wearing device, and I've tried most all." - Brandon-LeAnna Flowers


"This is the best carrier ever. I can slip it on in five seconds & Phoebe falls right asleep. I love that we get to bond and have awesome daddy-daughter time." - Matt C


"We went apple picking Sunday and I busted out the k'tan! I might even buy a second one to keep in my car!"

- Amy


"I just love using my K'tan. My son loves it, too. Now I can do household chores comfortably. Thank you so much for offering a reasonable deal. A million thanks from me and my baby."

- Rhia


"We started using the Baby K’tan Carrier when our 2nd child was a newborn. We've now used multiple positions and have consistently found that this is by far the most comfortable sling we have worn. I now recommend the Baby K’tan to all of my patients." - David Berger, MD


"I honestly cannot tell you what the K'tan has done for us! We've had it since Carter was born and it has been a life saver! We'd use it daily just hanging around the house and if Carter became fussy for no apparent reason I'd pop him in the K'tan and he'd settle down almost instantly. It has come to a point where he just sees me put on the K'tan and he starts to calm down. We also just took a 3 hour plane ride and I knew Carter would happily hang out in the K'tan while we checked in and waited to board plus I knew he could also take a long, quality nap in the K'tan. While on vacation my parents, in-laws and friends were amazed at how much Carter loved being in the K'tan! With his sleep thrown off he was fussy at night and my husband would say "time to pull out the big guns!" and we'd put Carter in the K'tan, settle him down, and get him to sleep. It has never failed us! Can you tell we love it?!" - Tara


"I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU again! It's perfect and Madeline and I are so happy! She really enjoys being snuggled in the carrier and I love having my hands back to handle all of the "Mommy Business" around the house! I have three children and this is by far the best purchase I've made for any of them!!!!! Again THANKS A MILLIONS for such a wonderful product!" - Latwan


"Please know that my comment is made as an avid (bordering on compulsive) internet researcher who has checked out just about every sling/ pouch/ wrap/ carrier: and yours is by far my favorite! It seems to combine all the best qualities of the front carrier, pouch carrier, and wrap and is really easy to use. My mom and MIL are also very impressed: my daughter relaxes and falls asleep most times I put her in it, even while eating in a restaurant. Thanks for everything." - Sarah


"My wife and I just returned from a trip to Italy with our 10 week old. Time and again we'd been told we needed a stroller. We opted to take our carriers (I must confess that mine is not a K'tan). We had a blast and those cobble stoned streets and hilly towns were a breeze with the K'tan. This picture will communicate better than words how comfortable (if a little serious) our baby boy was in his carrier. Outstanding product." - Dan


"I love my carrier! It has been a lifesaver. I take my baby to work with me, and since I found this carrier I have been able to get more work done while also attending to the needs of my baby! I will tell anyone and everyone I can about the Baby K'tan! Thank you again for your assistance and for the great product!" - Nicole Mitchell


"I got a Baby K'tan from Operation Shower, it is a lifesaver! My son had colic and the only way I could calm him was to wear him around the house. I use it every time we go out; he loves it and so do I! My husband is stationed in Korea so it's great to have something that allows me to use my hands while holding our son." - Felicia


"I absolutely love this product! I just received my Baby K’tan 2 days ago and I don't know how I lived without it. I have used several other carriers, but this one is by far the easiest and most comfortable baby carrier to use. I have tried just about every position with my baby girl and she loves it. No fuss and no complaints from her. Today we went shopping and I started her in the Adventure position. After a while she started to get tired so I turned her around for the Hug position and she slept soundly in the Baby K’tan for almost an hour. I especially love how easy it is to change her from one position to another. Can't wait to try it during our vacation to Hawaii. Also, your customer service was excellent. I called because I needed help with the size and the XS fits perfectly. I will definitely recommend this product to all mom's. Thank you for making such a great product for mom's and babies." - Chandra Supnet-Sprenger


"My little man has been K'tanning around since birth. He'll be 4 in July. He is autistic and had an allergic reaction at school on Friday. I had to pick him up and load him with meds. Medications always make him sleepy and I still had a class to attend, sleepy allergic preschooler in tow! I grab the K'tan and asked him if he wanted to "sling". He said,"yea sling." and climbed in. I was able to teach my class with my little guy soundly asleep tight and snug against mommy with his head tucked in. He never knew we were there and my hands were free to take care of business! Thank you for your product!! WE LOVE OUR BABY K'TAN!!" - Kimberly Walton Jones


"I love this sling. My daughter and I use it daily. I am a mother of two; Jonah (3) and Genevieve (6mo). It's hard to imagine life without my K'tan. It is such an amazing tool to have in terms of bonding, ease of use, breastfeeding and mobility. Your product has been integral in supporting my relationship with my baby. I think this is the best sling on the market. Hooray for Baby Wearing!" - Shushana


"After three kids, I've tried every baby carrier. This is the BEST one for the tiny little babies. They love it, and you've got your hands free. And it's machine washable for when they puke on it. Baby K'tan saved me! I was totally mobile the entire summer that my third child was born - all because of Baby K'tan. I wore it to every swimming lesson, tennis lesson, and t-ball game for my two older kids. Also, I loved the carrier because, when the babies are really small, it conveys a "please just look - no touching" message in a polite way. I've been giving it as a gift to everyone I know who is pregnant. Thanks!" - Tiernee

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